Resurrection Men
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Ever since Matthew Day’s father left him and his mother when he was 13, Matt’s tried to do the right thing. He’s taken over the family business–a discount funeral home in the deep rural south–to keep his mother, Teresa, comfortable. He also does his best to keep his girlfriend, Tiffany, well, if not happy, at least from throwing cast iron pots and pans at his head. But, with a sudden downturn in funeral sales, mounting pressure from his father’s biggest rival (both in business, and love)—the righteous Reverend Ezekiel Orin—to sell the family business, and with Tiffany insisting that it’s time Matt buy her a diamond version of her namesake, it’s starting to look downright impossible for him to succeed.

Right when things are at their bleakest, salvation comes from an unexpected source: Matt’s father, Billy Ray Day, returns with the perfect plan to make both father and son wealthy men. There’s money in them thar corpses! Doctors, research labs, and the military will pay top dollar for fresh bodies for all kinds of needs, from teaching liposuction to testing land mines. It’s not long before Matt is back in the black. He can finally breathe easy. His business is back, his father has returned, and he can even afford to buy Tiffany a ring! Of course, it’s always brightest just before someone flicks the switch, and it goes pitch black.

When you make a deal with the devil, someone has to pay. Reverend Orin wants the business, and will do anything to get it. So when Pickett, a funeral director turned mobster, shows up foaming at the mouth to kill Billy Ray, Orin hatches the perfect plan to ensnare father and son, drive them out of business, and coax his beloved Teresa into his welcoming arms. Matt, caught in the middle of it all, watches his world spiral apart. Will he be able to find a way out of the mess and save his doomed business and relationship? Will Billy Ray stick around this time? Bullets fly, and Matt’s got a choice to make—trust in Tiffany, or take the law into his own hands—in the frenetic climax.