Resurrection Men
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XANDY SMITH - Director
Xandy has proven his versatility as a filmmaker across a range of formats, genres, and budgets while always maintaining a defined style. In commercials, he's directed spots for major clients like Verizon and Yale-New Haven Hospital, and in music videos his collaborations include Grammy-winning hip-hop artist Lupe Fiasco and chart-topping rock from State of Man. While these experiences constantly shape his visual acuity, for his narrative work he's spent years in serious acting study to master both story and performance in his directing. His short film, Trespass, was purchased by HBO and featured an award-winning cast, including Harry Lennix (Ray, Matrix Revolutions) and Nelsan Ellis (True Blood). Inevitably, making movies at age four led to NYU film school, and with a father who is a cult-celebrity author and a professional storyteller for a mother, it’s no wonder that he has such a dedication to filmmaking.

For over 15 years Jason has worked in diverse creative and leadership roles on cutting edge projects for companies ranging from Coca-Cola to Vogue, a success stemming from his underlying passion for creating entertainment driven by the narrative. Between his commercial work and some of the best direct-to-video horror films to come out of the 1990s to feature films like Ghost Club and Blood Junkies, Jason knows how to tell a story. He recently co-founded Small Media Extra Large, a company that leverages the power of storytelling to create captivating websites, mobile apps, games, web series and advertising. Jason is a storyteller at heart, and he has a unique ability to merge that talent with business and profitability.

MICHAEL MOGHADDAM - Cinematographer
Mike used to steal the off-limits family camera and go hungry for lunch, saving his dollar bills to pay for film and processing. Today, he has amassed a slew of credits and awards on projects ranging from music videos to feature films. He's worked with award-winning directors and Oscar-nominated actors. After Georgia State’s film program, he quickly moved from a rental house techie to a professional camera assistant, and soon came into his own as a director of photography. He is in this business because he loves movies and as his track record proves, he does a damn good job at making them look fantastic.